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2030-06-25 03:06 pm
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Out-of-Character Information

Name: Luna
Are you over 15?: you bet
Time Zone: Pacific
Personal Journal: [ profile] lunayoshi 
Reliable Method of Contact: [ profile] lunayoshi 
Other characters in the game: Mesprit, Marine the Raccoon, Oren (Sylveon)
Link to slot request if 6th, 7th slot:

In-Character Information

Name: Rouge the Bat
Game/Series: Sonic the Hedgehog // Adventure 2 et al.
Teacher/Student/Other: Other
Canon Point: post-Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic Heroes
Age: 18
Grade Level/Class Taught/Job: Hall Monitor/Security does it matter at this point?
Dorm or Living Arrangement: Apartment off-campus


Rouge is... something else. On the surface, she is purely a jewel thief who uses her feminine wiles to get what she wants. On the inside, however... well, okay, she's mostly just a jewel thief who uses her feminine wiles, but there's more to her than just sexiness, all the same.

She's flirty. It's quite clear that she likes to flirt. She doesn't just use it to schmooze her way out of tough predicaments. Though she'd never admit it, she also likes the attention. She used to have a hard time getting positive responses from people, but when she hit puberty, it became quite a bit easier. The fact that she steals from others (which doesn't earn her any points in their books) and comes off as completely self-absorbed leaves her with few to talk to and even fewer to call friends. Even sexpot bats get lonely sometimes.

She's rebellious. She hates being tied down. Prolonged periods of responsibility or expectations of politeness will drag her down to high hell. Rouge doesn't DO excessively polite or innocent. To do so would make her come across as weak in her mind. Being seen as weak to her is as bad as not being seen at all. It's actually a delicate balance she flip-flops on depending on her mood. If she's feeling particularly vulnerable, being alone would be better than risking getting mocked. When she's more stable, however, she can take any heat with a grain of salt and just enjoy the reactions she gets out of people. Again, being proved on some level to be worth cursing at is a sign she's worth something. The vulnerability thing doesn't happen often, but it does happen.

You could say Rouge is cocky. She definitely comes off as such. Is she truly that cocky, though? Yes, for the most part. Her time struggling to get by and becoming pretty capable at it made her a bit of a fan of herself. She taught herself how to fight, how to steal, and how to hack, after all. That's no small feat. (She had to if she wanted to get by the way she wanted. To beg and grovel was just not her thing.) Other schmucks would be lucky to teach themselves how to tie their own shoes, she thinks. A smidgen of it is her trying to keep an air of confidence and charm, though. It's something she picked up after seeing some ritzy ladies act that way in old 1950s movies.

For the most part, she flies by the seat of her pants. She takes life as it comes to her. While she's used to being a nomad, she's recently come to like staying in the same place and building on relationships. She's also found serving a purpose besides her own greed and survival instincts can be satisfying. She's never really thought about starting a family or having a career unless you count a career in breaking the law. A life of impulse and little pleasures is fine for her. When she got her job at G.U.N., she didn't expect to stay there forever. She doesn't expect that with any job. It's just something she'll do until she sorts out exactly what she wants, and she's in no rush to find out. It's not terribly important to her, and if she never figures it out, she won't cry over it or anything.

She's relatively fearless. Honing her skills has made almost anything she wants available to her. If she had to settle on one thing she fears, it'd be to be publicly humiliated for getting arrested and imprisoned. That would throw her image and source for positive social interaction out the window. She's grown pretty fond of positive interaction and to lose it would be in turn losing a source of confidence. If anyone asks, she tells them she's not afraid of anything. She can worry about being valued solely as a sex object and not as an actual person, too, but that's another thing she tells herself to worry about when she gets tired of the attention.


Rouge can't remember her parents. The earliest she can remember is being very young and staying at a homeless shelter of sorts. She remembers being hungry but safe, but she also remembers taking someone else's dinner and starting a pretty nasty fight before getting thrown out.

She had to live on the streets after that, stealing to stay alive. Eventually she adapted to homelessness well enough to be able to look fashionable and just "normal" despite not having a place to call home. (She didn't look shabby or disheveled, rather.) She convinced herself it was better and more interesting to stay on the move rather than be shackled to one place.

While she struggled to keep herself fed, she learned that rather than fight other people for their food, it was more efficient to steal money or something valuable to trade for it. It was very effective; once she was skilled enough to sneak into a jewel store and emerge undetected, she was never want for the necessities of life again.

One thirst she couldn't quench, however, was her desire for gems and expensive metals. When she was broke and homeless, she'd often peered through jewelry store windows in awe. It was so shiny and made the wearer so much prettier! She also saw celebrities and characters on TV wearing them so elegantly, she was positively smitten. If only she could afford to own such amazing swag.

Her proficiency in stealth allowed her to get by without being thrown in the brink, which helped her save face. She wasn't terribly popular with the people she'd fought with or stolen from. She had to switch towns quite often after people caught on and tightened their security. Once she got better, however, she stuck around. A lot of the time her targets weren't even aware they'd been ripped off until a day or more after her heist. They would sometimes install security systems, but she taught herself (after muuuuch practice and many false attempts) how to hack the common ones through fancy gizmos she'd yoink from RadioShack tech stores. You can find do-it-yourselfs on almost anything on MeTube these days.

And then she hit puberty. And grew boobs. She noticed that her new "potential" made a lot of people lower their guard. It made taking what she wanted that much easier and helped absolve her of suspicion. They also gave her more positive interaction than she'd received in a very long time. It felt good. It wasn't glamorous, but it was something. It got to the point where she acted with smug aloofness almost 24/7. 

The rest can be found here.

So. Smash Academy! While she enjoyed her job working for G.U.N., she missed the one who showed her compassion not because of her looks but simply because she needed help. This was in spite of her trying to take from him a piece of his livelihood. She'd never known such kindness, and it confused her. It made her curious about him, this "Knuckles" guy. She'd interacted with him many times, but she wanted to know more, to know what made him tick. So, after doing some sleuthing to locate him, she set off for Smash Academy with the intention to become a security officer.

Anything Else?:  She currently has no gems, but she completely intends to fix that once she gets to Smash Academy.

In-Character 1st person sample:

My, my, my. What do we have here? A school not just for gaining book-smarts but also for fighting? It's like a private school meets a dojo meets a fight club, it looks like! Ohoho, how amusing.

Hello, dearies. My name is Rouge the Bat, but you can call me Rouge. I'll be your latest Security Guard. Now don't you worry your pretty young heads; I'll keep all the bad guys away so you can sleep soundly and safely. Also, to those of you plotting naughty things: Rouge is watching you! Think twice before you give a wedgie to that nerd in your Homeroom class! ❤

[Private to Knuckles]

I'm heeeere! Did you miss me, handsome? I sure missed you~ What have you been up to? Do you still have that Master Emerald? ❤❤❤

[Private to Eggman]

What are you doing here? Don't tell me you've gone soft, Eggman. I'd expect better of someone who proclaims to be an evil genius!

In-Character 3rd person sample:

Rouge crawled through the vent, huffing and puffing quietly as she squeezed herself up to a vent looking down on a large room lined with maroon carpet. The room was dotted with jewels enclosed in glass cases, glimmering and sparkling in the moonlight. Luckily for her, the biggest and prettiest gem was directly below her.

Delicately, she removed the ventilation grate and eased herself down feet first. She pushed a button on a remote she'd devised causing the security lasers to blink a few times and go dark. Displaying her acrobatic talent, she flipped to the ground, landing in a pose reminiscent of a ballet dance. She walked over to the casing of her new deep blue jewel, wide-eyed and grinning.

"Hello, my precious one. Don't be afraid. Rouge will take good care of you," Rouge whispered. She swiftly opened the casing and grabbed the gem. She spent a second rubbing it against her cheek affectionately before shoving it in her bosom and jumping back up to the grate, swinging herself up and disappearing into the ventilation system.

"Oopsie," she murmured as she stuck her arm back out to aim her remote at the ground. Better to keep from alerting the proper authorities by restarting the security system. At the very least, it wouldn't be off long enough for the system operators to think anything was wrong besides a small power outage. An unnecessary head start would be better than no head start, after all. She replaced the grate and inched back through the ventilation shaft, new gem in hand.
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2020-06-16 01:48 am
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OOC: Empatheias App


Player: LunaYoshi
Contact: [ profile] lunayoshi
Age: 32
Current Characters: n/a


Character: Rouge the Bat
Age: 19
Canon: Sonic the Hedgehog
Canon Point: post-Sonic Colors




Alignment: [Choose from one of the following: Aiada, Daimonia, Elios, Peromei, Piphron, Sosyne, or Thras. Refer to the proper info page for more information and be sure to include a very brief reason why you chose the alignment.]



Sample: Remember that the sample needs to show both 1) core character portrayal and 2) some use of emotions, either as an environmental effect or discussing why a character is not feeling anything at all if they are more apathetic or less emotional than most. We highly encourage using the Test Drive, and you can use prompts from the Test Drives, Intro Logs, and the Task board if you need them. Refer to the main application page for links and more suggestions.

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2016-03-04 02:26 pm
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OOC: Reapp for Smash

Player Name: Luna
Character's Name: Rouge the Bat
Character's username [personal profile] sexyspybat
Game Series: Sonic the Hedgehog
Link to previous app: Appity
Age (If there is a change): 19
House: Brawler
Dorm or Living Arrangement: West 1

Canon point changes (If any): n/a
Additional history that happened since...): (If it's all the same to everybody else, I'd just assume she didn't leave and just sorta fell into a week-long coma because Luna flaked on the AC. But if not, then: )

When Knuckles left, she confessed that she didn't want him to go. Like, REALLY didn't want him to go. She got a bit huffy when he left anyway, but after cooling off for a few hours, she decided to follow him. Except she couldn't figure out how he left or where he went. So, since she's still stuck, here she is again.

Personality Changes: n/a

In-Character 1st person sample:

Hello again, Doctor. Still up to your old tricks, I see.

Cupid bots. Nice to see you trying new things. Or stretching your legs. But tell me... why such a froufrou concept? Why not just scorch everyone to bits with wimpy lasers like you usually do? Though, to be honest, they were pretty amusing. If it was to wreak havoc anonymously, I'm sure you fooled maybe half the mansion's population. Really, who else is wicked enough to cause crazy emotional discord with BEAR ROBOTS? This island is small and there are only a handful of evildoers stuck in this dump.

What I'm trying to say is:

If you're going to try something new and be not-so-discreet about it, at least give me a chance to work it in my favor somehow! I could've used one with a targeting system to blast Knuc any boy I wanted, but now I have to plan it all out myself. Truly inconsiderate of you, Doctor.

By the way, seen any nice gems since the world went to pot? Without access to the city like before, I'm a little morose without any to admire and call my own.

Ta ta.


In-Character 3rd person sample:

Rouge sat alone atop the mansion's roof with a bitter scowl. Her crossed arms were telling of her hostile emotional state but also of an unconscious need to put up new defenses. She had just had an encounter with Knuckles that ended on a sour note. He had come to say goodbye before he headed out to leave the island -- to "find himself," as he called it. She called it "ditching her." No amount of arguing or rationalizing made him change his mind, and that frustrated her. She'd had a way of manipulating him to get what she wanted out of him, but nothing worked this time. She couldn't make him stay. Not even for her.

"AAAAUGH!!" she cried as she punched the chimney to her side. It largely held firm against the impact, but she managed to knock a solid piece of brick loose and crumbling to the ground. The punch did hurt, but unfortunately for her, didn't distract her from her sorrow.

"Knuckles. You airhead. You stupid, stupid boy. When a girl spills her guts to you -- when she begs you to stay for her sake -- you do it. You don't make her pathetic grovelling and disarming honesty completely futile. I'm so humiliated. And it's ALL YOUR FAULT!

"I'll never forgive you. I hate you. I HATE YOU! You stupid echidna, I HATE YOU!!" Rouge wiped the tears welling in her eyes with her palm. "You're useless. I won't miss you or mourn you or show ANY sign I give a shit. I got along fine without you, and I'll get along BETTER without you here!!"

As she stifled a sob, she pulled her legs up to her chest and squeezed them tightly. She wasn't about to let him get away with impacting her composure so much. She swore to herself she wouldn't let anyone affect her that way again. Not unless she was certain they wouldn't up and leave without a second thought. She may be feeling the loss now, but she knew she'd get over it in time. And when she did, she swore she'd be a stronger person -- strong enough to withstand more heartbreak, and strong enough to be worth sticking around for next time.

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OOC: Permissions

CHARACTER NAME: Rouge the Bat 
CHARACTER SERIES: Sonic the Hedgehog


Backtagging: yep
Threadhopping: yep
Fourthwalling: she will react with pure confusion, but sure
Offensive subjects: animal abuse is a huge no-no, but other than that, nothing much.


Hugging this character: yep; depends on the CR, but a range from instant facepunch to warm acceptance
Kissing this character: see above
Flirting with this character: yep; will probably be met with either dismissal or epic flirting back
Fighting with this character: yep; she's good at fighting, and she probably deserves getting her ass kicked now and then!
Injuring this character: yep; ask first, but anything without debilitating, permanent results should be okay. She can fight to an extent with kicks and flight, but anything up to broken bones and cuts should be fine
Killing this character: meh; let's talk about it first
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Go for it. While she is fairly self-absorbed, what they'll find is a ton of insecurity about her looks and fear of dying alone that she desperately tries to hide from others. She also obsesses over gems and riches constantly. Whether he's around or not, she also thinks about Knuckles the Echidna and Shadow the Hedgehog quite a bit.

Get your own copy of the IC/OOC Permissions meme!

Rouge artwork by Fyrae.
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 "Hi, honey. You've reached the voicemail of Rouge the Bat. Leave your name and number after the beep and I'll get back to you when I feel like it.



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How's my driving?

You know the drill. Anon on, comments screened.