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Rouge the Bat

blink and you'll miss me

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Name:Rouge the Bat
Birthdate:Feb 11
Location:Final Destination City, California, United States of America
Website:OOC DA account

Name: Rouge the Bat
Age: 18
Occupation: Thief, Security Guard, Hacker
Likes: Precious jewels, attention, flirting, treasure hunting, obtaining dirt on anyone she wants, spying on the unsuspecting, suckers, Knuckles.
Dislikes: Thieves that steal HER jewels, feeling helpless, looking helpless, losing in a fight, spinach, weaklings.

Rouge the Bat is played by [ profile] lunayoshi for [community profile] smashacademy and [community profile] empatheias. Artwork of Rouge by Becky the Hedgehog [link broken; acct closed].

Interests (9):

breaching security for her own amusement, defying the laws of ethics, hacking, infiltration, jewels, kickboxing, knuckles, shiny things, the president
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