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Player Name: Luna
Character's Name: Rouge the Bat
Character's username [personal profile] sexyspybat
Game Series: Sonic the Hedgehog
Link to previous app: Appity
Age (If there is a change): 19
House: Brawler
Dorm or Living Arrangement: West 1

Canon point changes (If any): n/a
Additional history that happened since...): (If it's all the same to everybody else, I'd just assume she didn't leave and just sorta fell into a week-long coma because Luna flaked on the AC. But if not, then: )

When Knuckles left, she confessed that she didn't want him to go. Like, REALLY didn't want him to go. She got a bit huffy when he left anyway, but after cooling off for a few hours, she decided to follow him. Except she couldn't figure out how he left or where he went. So, since she's still stuck, here she is again.

Personality Changes: n/a

In-Character 1st person sample:

Hello again, Doctor. Still up to your old tricks, I see.

Cupid bots. Nice to see you trying new things. Or stretching your legs. But tell me... why such a froufrou concept? Why not just scorch everyone to bits with wimpy lasers like you usually do? Though, to be honest, they were pretty amusing. If it was to wreak havoc anonymously, I'm sure you fooled maybe half the mansion's population. Really, who else is wicked enough to cause crazy emotional discord with BEAR ROBOTS? This island is small and there are only a handful of evildoers stuck in this dump.

What I'm trying to say is:

If you're going to try something new and be not-so-discreet about it, at least give me a chance to work it in my favor somehow! I could've used one with a targeting system to blast Knuc any boy I wanted, but now I have to plan it all out myself. Truly inconsiderate of you, Doctor.

By the way, seen any nice gems since the world went to pot? Without access to the city like before, I'm a little morose without any to admire and call my own.

Ta ta.


In-Character 3rd person sample:

Rouge sat alone atop the mansion's roof with a bitter scowl. Her crossed arms were telling of her hostile emotional state but also of an unconscious need to put up new defenses. She had just had an encounter with Knuckles that ended on a sour note. He had come to say goodbye before he headed out to leave the island -- to "find himself," as he called it. She called it "ditching her." No amount of arguing or rationalizing made him change his mind, and that frustrated her. She'd had a way of manipulating him to get what she wanted out of him, but nothing worked this time. She couldn't make him stay. Not even for her.

"AAAAUGH!!" she cried as she punched the chimney to her side. It largely held firm against the impact, but she managed to knock a solid piece of brick loose and crumbling to the ground. The punch did hurt, but unfortunately for her, didn't distract her from her sorrow.

"Knuckles. You airhead. You stupid, stupid boy. When a girl spills her guts to you -- when she begs you to stay for her sake -- you do it. You don't make her pathetic grovelling and disarming honesty completely futile. I'm so humiliated. And it's ALL YOUR FAULT!

"I'll never forgive you. I hate you. I HATE YOU! You stupid echidna, I HATE YOU!!" Rouge wiped the tears welling in her eyes with her palm. "You're useless. I won't miss you or mourn you or show ANY sign I give a shit. I got along fine without you, and I'll get along BETTER without you here!!"

As she stifled a sob, she pulled her legs up to her chest and squeezed them tightly. She wasn't about to let him get away with impacting her composure so much. She swore to herself she wouldn't let anyone affect her that way again. Not unless she was certain they wouldn't up and leave without a second thought. She may be feeling the loss now, but she knew she'd get over it in time. And when she did, she swore she'd be a stronger person -- strong enough to withstand more heartbreak, and strong enough to be worth sticking around for next time.



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